What IS a Dwain Bwain?

The column that first defined the idiocy that is today’s  liberal left………..

Considering the above, is it really any surprise???????

(First published September 9, 2010)
Dwain Bwains the bane of the Republic

The term “brain drain” was first used by the British Royal Society to describe the outflow of scientists and technical skilled workers from Old Europe to the United States and Canada during the 50’s and early 60’s.

The exact economic damage done to “the old countries” by losing so many of their best and brightest can never be known but even the densest of the dense would admit it sure didn’t help em any.

The world now has a new phrase for loss of brain power:
“Dwain Bwain” (spelling intentional, how else to illustrate such a lack of coherent logical reasoning?) references those who have suffered the complete loss of reasoned, logical, brain function.

Inspired by the “Erstwhile Conservative” collection of rants and temper tantrums against all things conservative the phrase is used to describe the Duane Graham’s and others of the world who blindly follow all things liberal and their current dear leader the Great O without expending an ounce of reason or logic on their argument.

They are the minions who fawn over speeches calling for more stimulus spending even though over 200 billion of the first fiasco is still unspent and even the Great O’s own Secretary of State is now citing our debt and deficits as a national security issue.

They are the lemmings who shout that our current system just isn’t “fair” enough and then support every government program and regulation that just arbitrarily confiscates from the producers to hand out to the slackers for political points.

They are the ones screaming for renewable energy mandates on electric utilities and then scream even louder when their rates go up to pay for those mandates. (Wind power is two to three times more expensive than coal, solar even higher)

They are the ones who blame the big bad insurance companies for outrageous premium increases and ignore the facts. Facts that those premium increases have more to do with Great O’s new mandates for coverage (in the real world somebody actually does have to pay) and the fact that his 2300 pages of healthcare “reform” did nothing to bring down the cost curve. Health Insurance companies have some of the lowest profit margins of all corporations across all industries and are at the mercy of government mandates and rising costs in other sectors of the healthcare industry. Dwain Brains champion Missouri’s mandate forcing insurers to cover autism one day, then cry foul when rates go up to recoup the risks and costs associated with complying with that mandate.

They are the forever reality challenged who see no problem with “short term” deficit spending because it will all get straightened out in Great O’s second term. Never mind that since Johnson’s “Great Society” scam, federal spending has NEVER gone down.. Never mind that the big government philosophy is the true “failed policies of the path”.

They are the partisan hacks who rail against Republicans for wanting to return to the “failed policies of the past” and then refuse to acknowledge the role of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters and Fannie and Freddie in creating the atmosphere that sparked the financial meltdown in the first place. Had the government not been manipulating the mortgage market all those sub-prime loans that got rolled into mortgage backed “toxic” assets would have never been granted in the first place. No, you never hear them talk about that “failed” policy.

They clamor to “protect” Social Security and Medicare and then ridicule every reasoned reform put forth.

They are the ones who label those who oppose Obama’s policies as bigots, racists and angry white people just upset with an uppity negro in the White House. (You can’t really blame them on this point as when your brain is devoid of the ability to process facts, logic and reason, attacking the opposition is the only tactic available.)

They attack the religious among us as small minded, un-enlightened dribble that must be marginalized for the “greater good” but yet consistently give less of their own time and money to charities and their fellow man than religious conservatives. (Much easier to force their government morality and mandated “redistribution”. That way they don’t actually have to “do” anything, just pay the feds and they’ll take care of it.)

They decry the nation’s crumbling education system and then blindly follow the teachers unions that all they need is more money. Yet the facts are that education in this country has continually gotten worse since the unions gained their stranglehold over the schools and the bureaucracy that is the Department of Education was born.

They are the ones who under the guise of “diversity”, “fairness”, and “inclusion” do more to divide this nation and destroy the ethic of personal responsibility and individual liberty than any foreign invader could ever accomplish.

They demagogue Republicans as the party of “no” yet fail to see that the majority of Americans agree with that “no” because they’ve done their homework and now “know”. When you “know” what Obama and Pelosi are doing to this great nation, “NO” becomes the most patriotic phrase since “remember Pearl Harbor”.

They are the Dwain Bwains of the world.

So thick is the fog of their liberal dogma they cannot see the solutions right in front of them.

So lost in their ideology they cannot see that creating a permanent underclass with their handouts and government entitlements doesn’t just hurt the ones they say they’re trying to help, but damages the country as a whole.

So captive to their anger of Bush and Republicans they would rather destroy the future for generations to come than acknowledge the damage being done by their recalcitrant regulations and profligate spending.

They are the Founding Fathers’ worst nightmare, the future’s greatest threat.

Elitist ideologues bearing false witness that freedom and rights come from the government not from God. That if you don’t like your lot in life, don’t worry, you must have been treated “unfairly” and your government is here to fix that.

While we’ve endured their rants and rage for decades we were at least able to sleep at night knowing that’s all it was. Oh sure, they’d get a little here, a little there but there was always a check. An opposing force to push against the unbridled power grab we’ve seen over the past two years.

The polls continue to show the majority of American’s realize a mistake was made in Novemeber ’08. The polls continue to show the majority of American’s will correct that mistake come November ’10.

While the rants will continue and the rage will still rile, at least they will be returned to their padded cells where the only damage they can cause is to themselves.

Come November the rest of us (did I mention we are the majority?) will finally be able to start undoing the damage already done and setting this country back on the foundation upon which it was built.

While “If I only had a brain” will still be the liberal anthem post election at least the rest of us won’t have to listen to it 24/7. For the truth is, Dwain Bwain is best consumed in silence.

Some more famous Dwain Bwains ARE:

Nancey Pelosi:

Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance.

Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs.

But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.

Barack Obama:

Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.

I cannot swallow whole the view of Lincoln as the Great Emancipator.

I think when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.

We need earmark reform, and when I’m President, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.

You will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime.

I’ve been fighting with Acorn, alongside Acorn, on issues you care about, my entire career.

The thing about hip-hop today is it’s smart, it’s insightful. The way they can communicate a complex message in a very short space is remarkable.

In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.

Dwain Bwains are NOT:

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.”………Thomas Jefferson

November cannot come soon enough.

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